Ocean Colonization

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Meta Definition: OCEAN COLONIZATION: The complicated social, political, psychological, medical, financial, ethical,environmental, and engineering puzzle of living on and under the planet's oceans.

Sub-Term Definition 1: TERRAFORM: To change the properties of a planet to make it more earthlike, making it possible for humans or other terrestrial organisms to live unaided on it, for example by changing atmospheric composition, pressure, temperature or the climate and introducing a sel f-sustaining ecosystem. This will most probably be a very long-term project, probably requiring self-replicating technology and megascale engineering.

Sub-Term Definition 2: Megascale engineering is about building/creating or using structures on a extremely large scale, at least 1000 kilometres in diameter, often incorporating highly advanced and/or speculative technology. Typical examples are orbit-to-ground Beanstalks, moving planets, Dyson Spheres and Stellar Husbandry. http://www.aleph.se/Trans/.

Sub-Term Definition 3: Earth-Space was coined by Dr. Steffen Schmidt, Nova Oceanographic Center in a piece he wrote in 1989. It identifies "spaces" on planet Earth that are now inhospitable to most life but that can be made life sustaining thus vastly increasing the "generally" habitable percentage of Earth. Outer-space and inner-space (under the dry earth, caves, volcanoes, earth-tunnels, etc.) are two well known and defined concepts. Schmidt coined the term Under-Space (below the surface of the oceans and lakes). Under-Space is an increasingly abused space on earth by pollution, neglect, damaging fishing techniques, sewage dumping, etc.

Sub-Term Definition 4: Schmidt-Pods are habitat modules that replicate a series of Earth environments - rainforest jungle, tropical zones, dust and pollen free clinical pods, arctic domains, varibale pressure habitats, enriched atmospheres (highly oxygenated - Nitrox). These habitats address the living needs of humans and other creatures that are now endangered by the characteristics of the supra-terrestrian, surface environment. Schmidt-Pods are a possible form of terraforming and megascale engineering by converting Earth-space that is inhospitable to humans, land-based mammals, insects etc.


Future-Camp. http://www.evl.uic.edu/cavern/users/camp.html.

Virtual Ocean Colonization (VOC)
The world population will likely pass six billion by the year 2000. The idea behind the VOC project is to come up with a plan to maintain a comfortable and ecologically sound existence for future earth occupants. This project simulates an ocean colony as one possible solution. The campers were posed with the problem of creating a self-sufficient ocean structure to house approximately 10,000 people. They had to deal with logistical problems such as the structure itself, location, food, waste, fuel, transportation, recreation, and other social issues. The campers were given an empty ocean LIMBO world to colonize. They spent the week discussing possible solutions to problems and building objects for the colony using Alias Wavefront.

A Virtual Ocean Colony,


An overview of Aquapolis
"This is a view of the main structure of Aquapolis, an island that provides the majority of living and working space for the colony's residents. The most obvious features are the six towers rising from near the perimeter of the island. Movable weights inclosed in these towers are used to stabilize the floating island. Additionally large residential units surround the central commercial office complex. The design of these residential units affords every resident a balcony with a spectacular view of the ocean. The central commercial complex provides vast open public spaces, restaurants, shopping areas, offices, and many other workspaces."


An Approach
by Bill Eichman  copyright 1993