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Coastal Policy and Politics

Prof. Steffen W. Schmidt,
My Coastal Policy Blog -

SUMMER 2013, May 14-June 8- 100% Internet Class - At your convenience open 24-7. "No Live Meetings"

Coastal Policy and Politics, Pol Sci 442/542 (several different graduate sections)
Now also a custom tailored section for Community Development Students

Why Coastal Policy is Important

Everyone loves the seashore and the coast. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration estimates that
- by 2011 the population density along the American coasts will be well over 400 people per square mile, 4x the rest of the country;
- there are 23 U.S. coastal states and over 100 countries;
- a substantial proportion of the world population outside the United States is also “coastal.”

This creates lots of issues affecting coastal life requiring urgent attention. We know that from the recent killer hurricanes to the threat of global warming and rising seas.

Coastal policy in the United States has been disjointed. The Providence (R.I) Journal said it's " ... a jumble of federal and state agencies and 43 congressional committees have jurisdiction over the oceans and coasts."

New U.S.and international coastal policy efforts require bold, integrated policy-making and public participation, volunteer work, and cooperation with private business.

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Below is the information you will need on the preregistration form. Course Pol Sci. (or Env Sci) Number 442 section -XW. Credit hours 3. Graduate 542 XW Off Campus; C DEV 542

OR GPIDEA students XF, XH 3 graduate credits CONTACT LYOUNG@IASTATE.EDU

This summer you have an opportunity to take a six-week completely online Coastal Policy course focusing on coastal zone management policy issues. Offered for undergraduate or graduate credit, this course presents exciting opportunities for
- political and environmental scientists,
- public managers,
- policy makers,
- teachers,

Testimonials from Students:

Summer Coastal Policy Class Graduate Student
I took your Coastal Policy class last year. I was just interviewed for a non governmental organization and passed the oral interview with flying colors because many of the questions they asked about global environmental issues were covered in your class! Thanks, thanks! I enjoyed the class and was made a job offer this week.

Summer Coastal Policy Community Development Graduate Student
Your Coastal Politics class was interesting and I never realized how important the coasts and beaches are to everything. I also never knew that such a huge percent of American live close to coasts and that these are the fastest growing areas in population and economic development/jobs. I see a story about coasts and oceans every week somewhere. And with Katrina, all of this could be an even bigger disaster waiting to happen! For Community Development this class is a MUST TAKE! Thanks.

Summer Coastal Policy Class Pol Sci Undergraduate Student
The discussion postings in your coastal class were really excellent! I still keep up with some of the students in there on Face Book. It was a serious, hard and very rewarding class.

Summer Coastal Policy Environmental Science Student
This was the best distance class I have ever taken. Prof. Schmidt, you were there almost every day. The videos and short personal lectures were very entertaining and informative. The discussion among students were wonderful! Thanks so much.

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